Miskelly FrntCoverShadow1The Longest Shadow: The Life and Legacy of Howard L. Miskelly

Farmer. Soldier. Son.

When Howard Miskelly was drafted into the US Army at age 18, he had no idea how far from his north Mississippi farm the adventure would take him. Fighting his way across war-torn Europe, Howard proudly carried out his duty, eventually earning two Bronze Stars for courageous combat against an armed enemy. His letters home kept him in touch with his beloved family, and he longed for the day that he would see them again. After his return home, Howard Miskelly put himself through college and became one of the most successful and respected businessmen in the state of Mississippi. He and Ann, his wife of more than 60 years, raised five strong children whose own successes in business have taken their father’s legacy to new heights. This is the story of a man and his family, a man and his integrity, a man and his God-a man whose life has cast a long and comforting shadow to all those who have had the privilege of walking beside and behind him.


indexJesus Is Lord: The Life and Legacy of Fred H. Wolfe

From his boyhood summers in the woods and fields of Rock Hill, South Carolina, to the heights of influence and leadership in the largest Protestant denomination in the world, Dr. Fred H. Wolfe has traveled a remarkable road and lived an extraordinary life. A college athlete on a football scholarship, Fred’s only goal was to be a successful coach. But God had another arena of leadership in mind for him, one in which he would answer a call to preach and pastor, and impact the lives of thousands. From the early days of his journey, it was Fred’s hunger for God and his willingness to follow Him anywhere, no matter the cost, that earned him the loyalty and respect of the many people who would lovingly call him “Brother Fred.” Fred Wolfe has known and been a friend to many of the greatest spiritual giants of the last century, from Charles Stanley and Leonard Ravenhill, to Roy Hession, Bertha Smith, and his own mentor, Dr. Stephen Olford. But to all those who have walked with him, he has never stopped being the man who is ready to listen, ready to love, and ready just to pray for you and pray with you. And all through the years, whether on his knees in public or private, or whether standing in the pulpit with his Bible wide open, the message of Fred Wolfe’s life has always come back to one resounding echo-that Jesus Christ is Lord!


WHP Hog Washed coverHog Washed: a small fable about a big change

Meet Reggie. His story is your story.

Reggie is a pig with a dream. He watches from the outside as the farm dog lives a life of love and favor in the farmer’s house; and Reggie longs for that life too. But how can an ordinary little pig ever hope to be good enough-or clean enough-to be invited into the house? Everyone wants to feel loved by God. But too often; we think that performance; behavior; and “sin management” are the key to that closeness. And so; instead of acting like sons and daughters; we live like orphans. The orphan mentality of many Christians causes them to struggle with questions such as: How can I get God to meet my needs? What is the magic formula for prayer that makes God act? Which Scriptures can I quote to ensure that I get the blessings God promises me? What must I do to experience the benefits of being a child of God? The one who understands the reality of sonship never has to ask such questions. He knows that as a child of God; he is already living in the house; and his place at the table is assured.



New Normal Frnt Cvr FinalThe New Normal: Experiencing the Unstoppable Move of God

Off with the old-on with the New!

Dramatically deals with two of the most relevant components in history-the Kingdom of God and the phenomenon of revival.The New Normal is a frank and passionate exhortation to live in the atmosphere of daily God-moments. Such a lifestyle is eminently possible because “revival is, at its core, a continual awareness of the reality and manifestation of the Kingdom of God.”

Personally relevant and biblically sound, you will learn:
* What your life would be like if you accepted a “new normal.”
* About past and present moves of God.
* The difference between church-level and Kingdom-level living.
* The nature of the rule and reign of God in your life.
* How and why God is still healing people today.

You will be encouraged and challenged by personal experiences, relevant Scripture, and credible research about great men and women of God who have cast off religious ideas of success and respectability and forsaken all in pursuit of the fullness of Jesus and His Kingdom.

The Kingdom of God is truly here and now. If you are hungry to develop a continual awareness of “the manifested reality of the invisible” realm and to live a revived life, The New Normal will train you and inspire you into a beautiful future.


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